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Japanese Cooking Course: Homemade Maki Sushi

I have desire to make sushi has been rolling around my head for quite sometime. But I often tend to think that it is extremely difficult to make it. Then one day I read some French blogs, (for example) and just got brave. And I realised how easy it is to make sushi and fun.

A know Japanese food is not all sushi and there are many others. A have another favorites from it (everything with soba (buckweat noodle) and slowly I just discoverd and learn it.

Sushi rice:

The success of homemade sushi depends on perfect cooked rice and cooled vinegared rice.

How to make: cook 200 g rice in water until it is completely absorbed. During this time, stir combined rice vinegar (3 tbsp), sugar (2 tbsp) and salt (2 tsp). When rice is cooked, pour the mixture with the vinegar above, mix very delicately and spread rice in flat-bottomed bowl (or bamboo) with a spoon or spatula.

And let rice cool.

Salmon and cucumber roll: 1/3 of sushi rice (by each nori), 100g of salmon, ¼ cucumber, 3 sheets of alga nori, 1 teablespoon Tahini, and Wasabi, Japanese soya sauce.

ham and cucumber roll:1/3 of sushi rice (by each nori), 2 or 3 thin slice of ham, ¼ cucumber, 2 or 3 sheets of alga nori, 1 tsp Tahini, and Wasabi, and Japanese soya sauce.

Makisu: a bamboo mat to roll the maki

Roll One (filling salmon and cucumber): Spread out 1/3 of rice over the nori by leaving place well on the sides and especially in top (approximately 2 cm in top and 1 on the other sides). Place cucumber and slice of salmon, than spread tahini. And roll forward pressing gently but tightly. Cut out the rollers in sections with a wet knife (it is the small secrecy!), and lay out on a plate.

The maki is tasted with a little sauce of soya or wasabi served separately, and can be accompanied by a beautiful green salad.

Serve maki sushi with wasabi or soya sauce separately.

Roll Two(filling ham and cucumber): sushi rice topped ham ad cucumber before rolling.

Alternativ filling:

- cucumber (kappa maki)

- cucumber, tuna and pickled ginger (tekka maki)

- cucumber and thin slice of ham

- Thin strips of avocado and salmon

- Cucumber and pickle plum

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