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Scones (pogacsa) with butter and Brindza ewe cheese

After so many Christmas sweets, it’s good to the stomach some savory pastry, just like pogácsa.

Pogácsa, or poğaça (in turkish) is a kind of savory pastry or bread, and looks very similar to the scones. Very popular in the area of Balkanic, Turkey, and of course here in Hungary. We often bake it with cheese, or paprika, or potatoes.

It has a secret: you have to fold in sides of the dough at least 3 times.

I use „Brindza” ewe cheese, it’s salty and savory like Feta cheese.

You can read about Turkish poğaça: here and here.

Scones (pogacsa) with butter and Brindza ewe cheese

600 g flour, 200 g half soft butter,

200 g Brindza ewe cheese (or 150 g feta),

1 tsp salt, 2 egg yolk, 25 g fresh yeast,

100 ml warm milk, 125 ml sour cream.

Top: egg white and 100 g gouda cheese, shredded.

Mix the fresh yeast and warm milk and rest, when it becomes bubbleing. In a large bowl mix the all ingredient: the flour, salt, bubbles yeast, egg yolks, half soft butter and ewe cheese. Add the sour cream. And knead it, until you get a smooth dough.

Roll out dough to 10 mm tall. Fold in 3 sides of the dough (from left end right at the same size= 3 layer, then fold in half) and place about 20 minutes (for example here).

You repeat it twice, after 20 minutes place.

Roll out dough to about 1 or 1,5 fingers tall and cut with a small size glass (with snaps or licquer glass).

Place the pieces on a baking tray. Then brush each pogacsa with egg white for glazing nd stir with shredded gouda cheese. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 20 minutes.

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